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Making manual device backup

Recommended way of making device backup is scheduling it automatically for all devices. In some cases you would like to make device backup manually. It is possible from device list. Go there, check a device checkbox, select from Action menu option Make manual backup of selected devices and click to Go.

Downloading backup configuration file

There are three ways to download backed up configuration.

  1. From device list - you can click to Download the latest link
  2. From backup list - click to link Download configuration file
  3. In backup detail form - click to link Download configuration file

Change tracking

Thanks ConfiBack you can monitor configuration changes on your network devices. Change history helps you to solve configuration problems, when you change device settings. Two configs can be compared and differences are displayed in diff text file format (

Displaying differences

To display two backed up configurations go to Backup list, tick checkboxes of desired backups, in Actions menu select Display differences of selected configuration backups and click to Go button.

You will get text output of backup differences. Changed lines are marked with + (plus) and - (minus) signs, where configuration was changed (added or removed lines).


--- DellStack  2013-05-07 15:30:18.606615
+++ DellStack  2013-05-22 14:04:53.012516
@@ -14,7 +14,6 @@
 vlan 800
 name "LAN"
-ip telnet server disable
 snmp-server location "Server room"
 hostname "DellStack"
 slot 1/0 7    ! PowerConnect 7048R

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