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Managing ConfiBack

There are information for administrators managing ConfiBack.


For these operations you need to be Superuser of ConfiBack, or have assigned appropriate rights.

Creating profiles

You need to have at least one profile created to use ConfiBack. To create one visit - according to your hosting. There fill in Profile name, type and commands. More info in Profile article.

Adding or editing backed up devices

To add your devices or edit them go to where you can do it.

In devices list you can filter items by Profile. At each device row you can go directly to its profile configuration, its backup history, download latest backup and visit Custom URL location.

Device properties:

Device name
Here you can fill any identification name for your device. It’s recommended to not use spaces, dots or special chars, which couldn’t be in file names. Because when you will download file, its name is generated from Device name.
IP address
This address is used for downloading configuration for your device. Fill in appropriate IP.
Select profile, where is right sequence of commands to get configuration backup. See Profile article.
Custom URL
Optional device property. Use this eg. for linking to you NMS (Network Monitoring Service).
Keyword macros

Fill in here required values for connecting and downloading configuration. Typical keywords are password and username. For more info see Keyword macros article.


Keyword Value
username backupadmin
password bAck.up1T

You can add your specific keywords, which can be used in Profile commands. See Keyword macro mykw.

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